Third Party Audting : From Under the Hairnet
From Under the Hairnet
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Third Party Audting

by Greg Harbaugh on 10/20/11

Third Party auditing is only beneficial if the audits are comprehensive, accurate, and thorough.  Too often the auditor does not want to make waves with the customer and will hold back poor audit results.  Many times the location's audit score is included in the management scorecard and the result impacts bonus.  Therefore more pressure is brought to bear upon the auditor to lighten up the score.  This does no good for anyone especially the customer. 

Upper management monitoring store results are not seeing an accurate representation of store conditions and therefore are not aware of potentially hazardous conditions.  Patrons are at risk and management is clueless.

The auditing firm is at fault as well as the store management for pressuring the auditor for a more favorable score. 

You must insist on accurate actionable audits with documented follow up.

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