The company was established in June 2009 by Greg Harbaugh following his career spanning almost 3 decades with Procter & Gamble a worldwide leader in Cleaning and Sanitation products and procedures. The last 18 years have been focused on Food Safety  training and auditing. Mr. Harbaugh has the Certified Professional- Food Safety credential through the National Environmental Health Association. He is a Certified HACCP Manager, Certified Instructor through the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation and National Environmental Health Association.  He is also a member of International Association for Food Protection, Florida Association for Food Protection, and Carolinas Association for Food Protection.

We conduct an interactive Food Safety Manager training course that is not only informative and productive, but also fun.  We don't just teach to the test, but focus upon content retention.  It does no good to pass the test and then have a food borne illness outbreak in your establishment.

Our food safety audits are more than just a check step, but a training session as well.  We will check for food safety and sanitation opportunities and provide workable solutions for your operation.  It's critical that the associates not only understand proper procedures, but know the reasons why they are important.

​HACCP Plan Development is a critical part of any food manufacturing process. As a Certified HACCP Manager, we can help your start up Food Processing operation prepare for any required GMP audit, apply for variances for processes such as Sous Vide or Reduced Oxygen Packaging (ROP) 

We provide a satisfaction guarantee for all services provided.

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