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Food Safety Classes Important or a waste of money?

by Greg Harbaugh on 11/16/10

Most restaurant chains or food service operations understand the value of ServeSafe or some kind of food safety certification.  The problem is that they typically only have management take the course.  They hope that the trickle down theory of food safety works in their establishment.  It doesn't!!!!! 

A great example was shared with me this afternoon about an employee restocking a buffet line with some kind of fried goodness, when he decided that it was time for a snack.  He grabbed a small piece of gizzard and discreetly popped it in his mouth.  What could be wrong with that?  He had gloves on.  Everyone is good.  He got his tasty treat; his gloved hands were protected; and hardly any saliva dripped into the food when he put additional fried goodness into the tray. Can you say Cross Contamination? 

Lesson:  Everyone handling food needs to be trained in Food Safety.

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