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From Under the Hairnet
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Health Inspection Scores can be Misleading

by Greg Harbaugh on 05/20/10

During a recent restaurant inspection I entered the facility and noticed the Health Inspection Grade A with a score of 102.  It was a perfect score with 2 bonus points management passing their ServSafe Manager certification exam. 

As a patron you would feel very comfortable eating in this establishment.  What if you were told that no one was washing their hands in this eatery?  Would you still be comfortable eating that BLT?  Upon further inspection one would notice that there were no hand towels at any of the hand wash sinks in the store.  Only the public restrooms had some way to dry hands.  There was a stack of napkins next to the sink.  In the back there was nothing.  When the manager was questioned, he responded that the order was cut. 

How about a quick trip to the local mega-mart for a roll or two of Bounty?  

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