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Infested Eatery, What would you do?

by Greg Harbaugh on 02/19/14

I saw a tweet this morning from @zeprep asking the question;  What would you do if you saw a live insect in the restaurant in which you were eating?  Before I get started I will have to issue the disclaimer that as an old P&G guy the use of the zeprep's tweet certainly is not a endorsement of Zep products.  However, it is a great question.

Many people would ignore the pest, thinking that this place reminds me of home and would continue to dine there out of a need for having a good old nostalgic feeling.  Some would point it out to other members of their group and swear they would never return,  but not say a thing to management.  You don't want to hurt someone's feelings do you?  Others might immediately go to management and demand a free dessert, which may or may not have had said bug running around on that chocolate mousse.

My response to zeprep was the best and  I hope you try it if presented with the opportunity. Get up, stomp on the bug, pick it up in your napkin, and present it to the manager on your way out never to return.

Lesson; Don't sit by passively and allow your fellow diners to possibly be infected.  You don't have to make a scene.  Annoy PETA, kill the bug so he will no longer be a threat, but make sure that management knows of the problem and does something about it.

Be Bold!!!!  Food Safety starts with you!!!!

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