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Floor Sanitation

by Greg Harbaugh on 02/18/14

Floor Sanitation


Floor sanitation is one of the most important cleaning tasks that you do every day. Dirt, food, grease, garbage, and other debris are excellent harborage material for bacteria such as Listeria to live and multiply. Taking the time to wash, rinse, and sanitize the floors nightly provides a “kill” step to eliminate these dangerous pathogens. Simply sweeping the floor is a great start, but proper floor maintenance requires the addition of a cleaner  and Sanitizer  to effectively maintain the floor sanitation. Clean floors are great for your location for many reasons.


  • Customer perception. Surveys tell us that customers perception of cleanliness is largely determined by floor cleanliness.

  • Employee Safety. Dirty, greasy floors make for a dangerous work environment and possible slip/fall acccidents.

  • Food Safety. Dirty floors means dirty work surfaces. As employees work throughout the day, dirt from the floors is stirred up. You might not see it but very fine particles of dirt, debris and bacteria can settle on work surfaces including cutting boards, slicers, knives, bowls, packaging items, scales, and table surfaces.

  • Pest Control. Pests like mice, roaches, and flies are attracted to decaying material that can be used as a food or water source. Keeping the floors clean, including under storage racks and tables reduces the opportunity for pests to make a home there.


    ** One last important point is the final step of floor cleaning - drying the floor. Pooling of water is a dangerous risk. It provides moisture for bacteria to grow and walking through the puddles can cause cross-contamination risks. After final sanitation, squeegee the floor thoroughly so that there are no pools of water. The recent cantaloupe outbreak in which 32 people died from Listeria traced back a possible source to the pools of water in the processing area.


    Clean Floors are an important part of your business and requires due diligence daily!

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