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From Under the Hairnet
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Turkey Day + 1

by Greg Harbaugh on 11/28/14

Ok, you thawed the bird in the fridge for 3 days, cooked it until it was dry as the Sahara, so why should I be concerned today.  I'm feeling ok this morning:  no abdominal cramping, only a slight headache, which I'm sure is from a pecan pie over dose and has nothing to do with the Bourbon my brother in law made me drink.

Now we must think back to how long all of that holiday fare spent on the buffet basking in the Temperature Danger Zone (41f-135f), before we finally started cleaning up and putting the leftovers in the fridge.  Was it over 2 hours?  Maybe 3?  I know I don't have to worry about the deviled eggs.  Charlie always kills those in no time. 

Remember high school math class?  Let's talk about exponential growth at kitchen temperatures, probably 75f or higher.  You start with 2 bacteria cells, next thing you know there are 4 then 16, then 32 then 64.  before you know it you are up to a bazillion in 4 hours.  Most healthy adults shouldn't be concerned too much other than a case of the Kentucky Quick Step, (explosive diarrhea) which should subside in a day or so. As Dirty Harry used to say, "Do you feel lucky?"  Was the turkey on the table for 3 hours or was it 4?  Should I chuck it or make turkey tetrazzini?   Hmmmm

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