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Raise Your Own Food Eat at Home

by Greg Harbaugh on 05/31/14

You may not be able to do exactly that, but eating local at the very least you'll have a better idea of what is going in your mouth. 

What would you feel more comfortable eating; a fresh tomato from your back yard garden or a zucchini from Chile?  How about a steak from the cattle rancher in Hillsborough, NC or a burger made with ground beef from some processor in the United States or Canada? 

Your grandparents didn't have much choice.  They ate local produce, got meat from the neighborhood butcher and by the way, they could eat that burger rare if they wanted to. They were better off for it.

Why must we eat fresh cantaloupes in the winter?  They taste like nothing, but let's eat it because we can get one from Mexico anytime.  I prefer to only eat melons when I can get them from the produce stand in Cape Carteret, NC in July or August.  They were grown 10 miles away and are delicious. 

Eat local!!! Eat what is in season! Support your local economy. Go to your local Farmer's Market.   It's safer and it tastes a lot  better too.

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