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Hand Sanitizers are no replacement for hand washing.

by Greg Harbaugh on 01/04/13

I always enjoy watching the ministers as they prepare to distribute communion at my local Catholic Church. They en mass file over to bathe their hands in sanitizer prior to handing out the hosts to the faithful.  After squirting the alcohol based goo on their hands they then line up to get their supply of wafers. While waiting the fun begins. Invariably they all have itches that must be scratched, hair that must be rearranged, or items of clothing that must be flattened.  They obviously don't realize that the sanitizers kill 99.99 of bacteria they contact, except of course Norovirus, but once it dries they have NO residual killing affect.

Unless they have just showered, put on clothing just washed in very hot water and bleach, and drove to church in their recently sanitized car, they are loaded with bacteria eager to jump on the unsuspecting communicants.

The bottomline is that hand sanitizing is more for show than anything else.  Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently and always before cooking and handing out food for your soul.

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