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Glove use

by Greg Harbaugh on 01/09/17

I've noticed a couple of strange examples of glove use lately that I figured that I'd share.  The first is at the gym.  The attendant at the counter has a nice pair of latex gloves on and when I questioned him about them he told me that he had a cold. hmmm.  The other is a cashier at a large grocery store.  She has donned a pair of what looks like the gloves you might wear when stripping furniture.  I can only imagine that she is trying to avoid chicken squeezins at the check out line.
Let's take a look at both instances.  I don't think either ever changes gloves nor do they take them home and wash, rinse, and sanitize the lovely hand ware? What are they accomplishing?  Doing a great job of sharing bacteria all day and then bringing the bugs home with them. What do they do with the gloves when using the restroom?  An interesting thought isn't it?  Are they protecting themselves?  They certainly aren't doing the general public any favors, unless they are frequently washing their hands and changing gloves, which they are not. Are they protecting themselves?  They would be better served by taking frequent hand washing breaks and avoiding nail biting.
Just a little something to ponder this cold afternoon.

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