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Food Safety Inspections at Home

by Greg Harbaugh on 06/26/14

I think this makes a lot of sense.  We all take a look at the inspection grade that our favorite restaurant proudly displays in their lobby.  We all know by now that an "A" is not always as good as it should be, but is it better than our home kitchen?

I know that we all think that we do a better job at home than many of those minimum wage high school kids working in the back of the Barney's Burger Barn.  It's scary to think that Barney the multi millionaire risks his fortune daily on the operational excellence of an 18 year old keeping his place clean and safe. 

I'll bet you that most of those places where you take your family for lunch are cleaner and safer than your kitchen counter.  Barney's adolescent cleaners may not be as focused as Barney would like, but they do wash, rinse, and sanitize all of the surfaces in the back of the Burger Barn or at least they're supposed to.  You however, don't have the County inspector to worry about, so when was the last time you sanitized your counter, checked the temperature on the top shelf of the fridge or maybe cleaned out the produce crisper?   Hmmmm?  Sanitizing is not wiping the counter with a dish cloth rinsed out with kinda warm water.

Something to think about;  why not take a Food Safety Class or better yet, call a local Food Safety Consultant for an in house consultation?  It could save your family from that next case of the 24 hour stomach flu or worse.

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