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Don't pet the cows.

by Greg Harbaugh on 08/10/12

This has nothing to do with Chick Fil A, but with the North Carolina State Fair. In an effort to avoid an E-coli outbreak similar to last years, Secretary of Agriculture Steve Troxler has implored all fair visitors to "warsh" your hands or better said wash your hands frequently.  In addition to the hand washing request visitors will no longer be able to have close contact with many of the animals.  You will no longer be allowed to walk through the pens in the "Cow House" as my son used to call the Jim Graham Building.  That's too bad, because avoiding stepping on cow pies has always been one of my favorite activities.

It's also a shame that this favorite part of the fair for many will be diminished because folks last year failed to wash their hands after viewing the livestock and before eating.  Don't fear however, there is always the petting zoo.

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