Adult Learning for Auditors : From Under the Hairnet
From Under the Hairnet
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Adult Learning for Auditors

by Greg Harbaugh on 12/19/12


Adults learn in many ways.  Visual cues are still important. They were when I wrote this article in a previous newsletter, so they probably still are. Repetition is another process.  It is our role to not only conduct accurate and actionable Food Safety Audits, but to also model proper behavior to the customer’s associates.  With this in mind, upon entering any fresh department, we should demonstrate proper hand washing technique using warm water and soap for a minimum of 20 seconds.  We can’t expect the store associates to do the right things, if we aren’t providing a good example. 




Auditing Tips;


  • Be thorough, but efficient
    • Concentrate on the important stuff
      • Personal Hygiene
        • Proper hand washing
      • Cross Contamination
        • Raw / Ready to Eat
        • Proper Sanitation
      • Temperature Control
        • Temp Logs
        • Case Temps
    • Calibration is key.
      • What are we missing?
        • Are we thoroughly checking all the logs?
        • Are we checking temps?
        • Are we checking dates?
        • Would this audit result be the same, if your supervisor had completed it?

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